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Jack and Friede Taylor

Jack R. Taylor is a graduate of Hardin-Simmons University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He pastored the Castle Hills First Baptist Church in San Antonio, Texas for almost seventeen years where a mighty spiritual awakening took place in 1970, which doubled the membership of the church in four years. Jack has authored 13 widely accepted books, many CD’s and video series. He married Friede on December 28, 2004. They both enjoy traveling together. 

Couples Gathering-Nov 5-9

Gathering with Jack & Friede Taylor for a retreat to advance the Kingdom of God. Spend 5 days and 4 nights in sunny Florida for spiritual renewal and Kingdom demonstration with Papa Jack and Momma Friede, November 5-9, 2018 at the most comfortable Park Avenue Church Retreat Center in Titusville, FL, just minutes from the beach.

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Cosmic Initiative

In this powerful book by Jack Taylor you will receive the revelation that Jack has gained from over 20 years of seeking.  Learn how to find the Kingdom, Live in the Kingdom, and Love in the Kingdom.

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Cosmic Initiative

$49.00 USD

In this series, Jack Taylor speaks on the Kingdom and how it is bigger than you think. Dealing from the perspective o...

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From The Heart with Jack Taylor

$25.00 USD

This is a seven part audio series from the Heart of jack Taylor to you.  They are titled: 1. Lord, do it again ...

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Breaking Strongholds

$20.00 USD

Spiritual warfare is real and it is important for you to know how to fight the good fight. Jack Taylor will teach you...

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With the revelation of God's Kingdom, something shifted in my mind and the depth of my soul-Jack Taylor

Friede Taylor

Friede Taylor was born in Czechoslovakia the third child of a Catholic family during WWII. The deprivations and unsanitary conditions brought about by the war left her severely ill with typhoid fever and cholera, reducing her prospects for survival. Because of overcrowded hospital facilities she was left to die. Her father had been taken prisoner by the US Army, leaving Friede’s family alone without support. A nurse had pity on them and took them into her home, giving Friede blood transfusions, using her (the nurse’s) own blood to save Friede’s life.

From Hitler's Germany

Friede Taylor has lived a life that legends spring from. Born in Czechoslovakia during WWII, she was left to die as a child because of the deprivations of the war. A nurse took her family into her home and saved Friede’s life by giving her transfusions of her own blood. A member of the dreaded Waffen-SS and a prisoner of war, Friede’s father took his own life after the war, having never told her he loved her. She married a serviceman and moved to Georgia at 19.

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Dr. Jack Taylor

A note concerning the metaphor of Sons...

Sonship, as we define it, is taken from the Old Testament concept of the "birthright" of the first-born son (Genesis 25). We have adapted it to explain a gender-free title that embraces both sons & daughters (Galatians 3:28), yet maintains the benefits of the inheritance and all that the privileged relationship entails. Both male and female may be adopted into the family of God with neither possessing an objective priority. Daughters are sons, too, just as sons are part of the Bride of Christ!


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