A Kingdom Family Connection with Jack Taylor

What Jack Taylor has been doing by instinct for many years, in 2008 he felt called by God to do intentionally; that is to father spiritual sons who in turn father spiritual sons. With this in mind we have created  Sonslink, a network of men and women so impacted by the message and ministry of Jack Taylor that they recognize him as a spiritual father and are recognized by him as spiritual sons.

We believe the Father/Son paradigm is the pattern of the Kingdom, and thus the model for relationships in the universe.  We have been created to operate in and function through intimate organic relationships with one another, and transcendent eternal fellowship with God.  Organizations of man, no matter how efficient or excellent in order, cannot replace the inherent need to know the Father and the Son through the Spirit.  Jesus came to make this relationship a reality for us now and forever.  The Spirit enables and empowers us for it; the Father beckons us to walk in it.

Sonlink seeks to:

  • Recognize the Kingdomof Heaven is at hand by Transforming spiritual Orphans into Kingdom Sons & daughters.
  • Receive the Kingdomof Heaven in our hearts by Translating the Message of the Kingdom into Living Relationships that make the world better and glorify God.
  • Release the Kingdom of Heaven in our lives and the world by Transferring Kingdom Power to the Generations until our Lord returns.

Sonslink is not an organization or even a movement, but a burgeoning family, based on spiritual connection, not on blood relation or doctrines of men.  Sonslink is about recognizing organic connections and organizing relationships for better communication in order to complement one another to advance the Kingdom of God, personally and corporately. 

This website is a tool for such communication, and for many a first connection with the Kingdom family of which Jack Taylor is the spiritual father.  Relationships are the organic structure of this informal organization.  Membership is by mutual consent for mutual benefit.  Regular gatherings are the means by which the relationships are maintained and enriched. 

"Papa Jack", as many are pleased to call him, has three paramount desires:
   1. To know the Father better,
   2. To know his sons and daughters better,
   3. and to know each other better in order to become personal and ministry partners
These desires are coming to pass rapidly through our Legacy...Kingdom Family Gatherings, and wherever Jack Taylor or the brothers and sister congregate.  

Fall Sons Gathering-Sept 25-28

Join Jack and Sons in Mineral Wells, TX for a powerful time of fellowship and ministry.  Space is limited.  Register with the link below. This is an impactful time to have a life changing encounter.



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